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As for today’s matches, there were a total of four rounds. The teams hit Sanhok first where BTRLuxxy from Bigertron RA performed an impressive clutch to grab the first chicken dinner by defeating defending champions Top Esports. India represent Entity Gaming had a decent start to the game by heading to Ruins, however, the biggest disappointment was Mortal from Team SouL who went down in the game early. 

Game 1 was dominated by Bigetron’s Luxyy who carried his team to victory after winning a 1v2v2 clutch against Top esports and ARW. The map was Sanhok, the most exciting and fast paced map out of the entire pool although we saw no action till the 13th minute of the game. Team Soul was handed over an early exit at position 15 by Team EGC. Team Soul managed to get no kills in Sanhok and later on, Entity was eliminated at position 9. Mega esports, the Preliminary round winners made an exit at position 6 and North American representatives Cloud 9 made it to position 4.

So at the end of day 1 of the tournament, Bigertron RA is in the lead with 68 points, followed by Team Queso with 60 points, and in third place, we have Entity Gaming from India with 56 points. We still have a total of 12 matches left over a span of two days, so there’s still a lot of action left. Stay tuned for all the updates from the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Global Finals Fall Split. Day 2 begins at 1.00PM IST and will have a total of six matches.

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